About Us​

Committed to Quality and Innovation

The Best in Our Field


Portable Houses factory pleased to share our experiences with our valued customers, as we have a team of specialists in the production of cabins, prefabricated containers, water tanks, and building materials. Thanks to God, we have been recognized in the construction industry in a short time. We also offer the latest modern designs, taking into our consideration the delivery date and accuracy of work with the lowest cost and the highest quality of materials.

Cumulative Experiences
Quality and Durability

We offer the best services and products according to international standards

  • Meet all needs and expectations in all our products
  • Finding the most suitable and economical solutions in an easy and simple manner
  • Organizing training courses to motivate engineers on the quality of work and achievement of the occupational safety standards
  • Ensuring application of technological developments in order to reduce costs on the customer’s load.
  • We seek to respect society and the environment where we live and to be an integrated model system
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